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Innovative FLOE Docks

Access your Waters More Easily than Ever.

FLOE docks let you get on the water faster, and with less hassle, than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a roll-in, sectional, or floating dock, FLOE has you covered. Our team is here to help you choose the right FLOE dock for your boat and shoreline. Discover our entire FLOE inventory by contacting us or stopping in anytime. Take your boating experience to the next level with FLOE this summer!

Design your Dock!

Download the Design a Dock computer app to start your design process from home. This FLOE app lets you virtually personalize your own dock so you’re building exactly what you need.

FLOE Roll In Docks

Main Features:
• Waves easily flow through its open design, versus pounding against it.
• Works well even with mild to moderate sloping and medium to hard bottoms.

FLOE Sectional Docks

Main Features:
• Fast and easy to assemble with no tools required.
• Feature FLOE easy-leveling and Quick Attach accessory integration.
• Minimal storage space.
• Works well even in hilly terrain, up to 6.5’ depths, and muddy bottoms.

FLOE Floating Docks

Main Features:
• Features a heavy-duty aluminum frame.
• Solid, stable base for walking.
• Ideal for frequent water depth fluctuations.
• Works well even in soft and/or muddy lake bottoms.

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